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Our Refuge models have been designed in response to the crisis of individuals being left homeless in natural disasters across Australia. The construction and materials are rated for one hour of fire exposure, providing secure access to essential amenities when they are needed most, including a factory-built kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and toilet, all pre-wired and pre-plumbed. These builds can be assembled in less than 24 hours on a prepared site, at a scale to suit the individual circumstances of those affected—from single-room structures to entire family homes.

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The affordability of factory-fabricated construction means that The Refuge can provide quickly-available and high-quality accommodation and amenities where housing is lost due to natural disasters. The modules are the right dimensions and weight to fit on a trailer behind a 4WD, and can be delivered by a tractor fitted with forklift tynes to almost anywhere.

A fully self-contained rooftop-powered electrical system for lighting, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration is available to permit extended occupation of the Refuge while rebuilding. The modular design also provides flexibility to later expand the structure with more bedrooms or living spaces.

Note: In a bushfire or other natural disaster, the Refuge is only intended to provide a last resort to be used when no other safe options are available. Always heed evacuation warnings and other safety advice from the CFS, RFS and other Emergency Services.

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