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Comfortable, affordable, low-impact living—for all Australians.

Fluid Solar homes are the clear choice for those who’d like to pursue sustainable and flexible living. Our modular construction process means that we can deliver and assemble a complete four bedroom home in less than four days on a prepared site, at a fraction of the cost of traditional building methods. Smart and environmentally-conscious design cuts typical energy costs for occupants by as much as 90%, and can be made to function with standard grid connection, reduced grid dependency, or entirely free from the grid.

Our modular building approach means that the components for these projects are built in an SA factory, under the supervision of our experienced team of engineers and manufacturers. The modules are transportable by forklift, tractor or a standard-width trailer, and are clamped securely together on a prepared site in a few hours or days—in comparison to the six to twelve months needed to complete traditional onsite building techniques. Rural and remote locations, sloping sites and residential areas with small access points are all very feasible build areas for these modular homes.

Suitable as holiday homes, rural properties or a permanent suburban residence, our homes emphasise sleek functionality. Explore your options below.