• 3 Bedrooms
  • ·
  • 1 Storey
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  • 112.32

The Ranch is ideal as a relaxed holiday home or an everyday residence for the medium to large family. Open living spaces and the inclusion of a large deck create simple functionality and openness within the home.

Once ordered, your build can be transported on the width of a standard trailer and assembled in only a few days. Intelligent design maintains a stable temperature that is cool in summer and pleasantly warm in winter. Our patented solar-thermal technology means that these spaces can supply their own reliable, sustainably-sourced energy, operating completely free of the grid and reducing or eliminating the burden on your home energy bills.




Estimated cost

Indicative price, subject to final quotation.
Base cost$128,850
Options cost$13,600
Estimated site cost$13,500
Estimated Total$142,450

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