Refuge 18

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • ·
  • 1 Storey
  • ·
  • 177.12

The Refuge Extended is built according to the same principles as our fire-resistant Refuge, with enough space to function as a complete family home. With up to 4 bedrooms, the Refuge Extended can be inhabited for the duration of your rebuilding, or become a permanent fixture as your long-term residence. The structure is protected on all sides by one-hour fire-rated insulated panels, and with the flexibility of modular housing, can be installed quickly and cost-effectively in only a few days.

We have several extended options available, including the Refuge 8, Refuge 9, Refuge 13 and Refuge 18 in order of size.

Note: In a bushfire or other natural disaster, the Refuge is only intended to provide a last resort to be used when no other safe options are available. Always heed evacuation warnings and other safety advice from the CFS, RFS and other Emergency Services.




Estimated cost

Indicative price, subject to final quotation.
Base cost$190,100
Options cost$4,000
Estimated site cost$9,750
Estimated Total$194,100

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