Refuge 3 L

  • 0 Bedrooms
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  • 1 Storey
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  • 34.56

The Refuge is a simple, fire-resistant, thermally-controlled space protected on every side by insulated panels, fire-rated for a full hour of exposure. In the event of a natural disaster, The Refuge provides a quickly-available, secure space with amenities. Our standard model contains an area of approximately 25.9m², with other sizing options available. Additional features include a factory-built kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and toilet, all pre-wired and pre-plumbed.

Note: In a bushfire or other natural disaster, the Refuge is only intended to provide a last resort to be used when no other safe options are available. Always heed evacuation warnings and other safety advice from the CFS, RFS and other Emergency Services.




Estimated cost

Indicative price, subject to final quotation.
Base cost$36,300
Options cost$4,000
Estimated site cost$1,800
Estimated Total$40,300

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