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At Fluid Solar, we combine ingenuity, world-class engineering and a passion for change to create affordable products with a positive impact. Our designs are made to benefit individuals, communities and the environment by providing a genuine and accessible solution to the rising cost of housing and the difficulties of sustainable energy production. We aim to create a better choice on behalf of families and the earth, no matter your building requirements.


Our homes function with maximum energy efficiency, thermal control, and enable totally off-grid living where desired.


Leading engineering meets versatile design, available in a range of finishes for the luxury feel.


Factory fitted with 72-hour construction times, minimum onsite trades, and transportable anywhere.

Our Builds

Our modular homes can meet any brief in residential construction, including houses of any size, holiday homes, additions to existing properties, and emergency Refuges designed to withstand the impacts of bushfires. Modular construction means that the components for these projects are built in an SA factory under the supervision of our experienced team of engineers and manufacturers. The modules are transportable by forklift, tractor or a standard-width trailer, and are clamped securely together on a prepared site in a few hours or days. We can deliver and assemble a complete four bedroom home in less than four days on a prepared site, whereas it would take around six to twelve months using conventional on site building techniques. Our methods mean that rural and remote locations, sloping sites and residential areas with small access points are all still feasible build areas.

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Our Technology

Fluid Solar living spaces cut typical energy costs for occupants by as much as 90%. “Thin grid” and off-grid options are available for rural and remote locations or city-based low energy living. You can order a home with or without our patented solar thermal energy collection systems—the new and better way to do solar power—but all of our builds incorporate passive sustainable design principles to keep you comfortable and keep energy bills at a minimum by regulating building temperature.

Our Technology

Past Projects

At Fluid Solar, our R&D team are at the forefront of sustainable commercial development, having completed the world’s first off-grid, solar-thermal powered four storey office building—Fluid Solar House—in Elizabeth Vale, South Australia in 2017. The building’s heating, cooling and lighting system has now operated for more than 2 years completely off the grid, powered by rooftop solar thermal and solar PV panels. More recently, our modular homes have been installed as cabins at the Gawler Caravan Park, and we are in the process of completing a large, multi-residential housing development. Though our focus is now on bringing our products to individuals in a residential context, if you wish to construct a multi-residential development, small to medium sized office building, educational institution, retail store, or anything other occupied space, our team of designers and engineers can provide a fast, sustainable and on-budget solution.

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